ocMaker Challenge

Age Range of Students in the ocMaker Challenge

  • Intermediate, Junior High, Middle School  - 11-14
  • High School - 14-18
  • College - 18 +

Please click on your assigned Video/Exhibit numbers to judge the ocMaker Challenge student videos. Since the students have used a variety of technology to create their videos, we ask that your scores do not reflect production quality. You are scoring the videos based on the following criteria:

  1. PROBLEM: Video clearly states problem to be solved.
  2. SOLUTION: Video clearly states how the designed product is a solution to the stated problem.
  3. ORIGINALITY: Product is creative, unique and original idea.
  4. ORGANIZATION: Video content is well organized, presented, and reflects a logical order.

You have two options for submitting your scores for the videos:

  • Once you have watched the video, please complete the online rubric for each of your assigned projects.  CLICK HERE to be directed to the online rubric.

Thank you for your support!

  •  Video/Exhibit #1 -  HoodLocks -  La Quinta High School- Garden Grove Unified School District

  • Video/Exhibit #2- Bowling Buddies - Northwood High School - Irvine Unified School District 

  • Video/Exhibit #3- Super Bag-  Hewes Middle School - Tustin Unified School District

  • Video/Exhibit #4 - Windup - Rancho Santa Margarita Int. School- Saddleback Unified School District

  • Video/Exhibit #5 - Hand Heat-Powered Flashlight -Canyon High School -Orange Unified School District

  • Video/Exhibit #6- Shopping Bag Holder - La Paz Intermediate School -Saddleback Valley Unified School District

  • Video/Exhibit #7- The 4-Way Fence Post- University High School - Irvine Unified School District

  • Video/Exhibit #8- Drip & Snack Cup - Canyon High School - Orange Unified School District

  • Video/Exhibit #9 - Hair Brush with Perfume- South Lake Middle School - Irvine Unified School District